Introduction to PHP

In this short but very meaningful tutorial i will tell you about PHP programming language that is being used widely for creating websites.PHP is a programming language use to create dynamic web application. PHP is a server side language, it means its scripts are executed on server.

Advantages of php over different server side languages .

  1. php is a open source language.
  2. php interacts with almost all databases, no matter whether you are using MS ACCESS, ORACLE, MYSQL or any other database.
  3. php can be used with any server, no matter whether you are using IIS or Apache.
  4. php is free to use and download.
  5. php Syntax is quite easy.
  6. php code runs and work effeciently on all platforms no matter whether it is windows, linux, unix etc.
PHP File
  1. php file extension is always .php
  2. php file can contain html code inside it.
  3. php file always return to the browser in the form of plain html since it is a server side language so its code is executed at server.