Redirection in javascript

Javascript also gives us facility to redirect the user to a webpage or website. Also it's easy to learn redirection in javascript. It is just one line code that needed to embed in a function of javascript to redirect the user.

Let's see how to perform redirection in javascript. I am going to make a custom function redirectuser().

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function redirectuser()

So this is the function redirectuser() is capable of redirecting user from one one webpage to another or redirecting user from one website to another. In the above example I am redirection user to

Now it’s up to you where you will call this custom function. I am going to call this function over button's onClick event. Let's have a look over how to do this.

<input type="button" value="redirect" onclick="redirectuser();">

So this is the way to perform redirection in javascript using custom made function.