Google is celebrating 13th Birthday with doodle

Today Google is celebrating 13th Birthday with doodle. The search engine giant and number one website (alexa rating) on the internet, Google has just turned 13 today and celebrating by dedicating itself a Google birthday Doodle, marking the 13th anniversary of awesomeness.
Its my perception that no one cannot imagine life without Google. Google search along with its many other awesome services are playing an important role in our life. People love to use Gmail, people love to use Google Adsense, people love to use Google Docs, people love to use Google Analytics, People love to use Blogger and now google has officially launched Google Plus which is targeting Social Network giant the Facebook.

Research conducted by Nielsen earlier this month showed that US internet surfers spend more time on Facebook than any other website on internet.

At the same time, Google is enjoying a 90% share of the global internet search market, according to the most recent figures from metrics firm StatsCounter, although its share varies considerably by country yet Google is number one in Search Engine market.

The seed bowed by Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt – the three key persons who founded Google in September 1998, is now become a tree which is giving the shadow and fruits to the world at same time. “Google” itself has become a synonym for “web search”.

Well done Google. Keep Going.