Install php on windows server 2008 R2

In this programming tutorial we will learn how to install php on windows server 2008 R2. Couple of weeks ago one of my colleague asked me to install php on windows server 2008 R2 as he had to deploy a website and I have done it successfully without any problem. Let’s have a look over how to accomplish our task.
Simply go to this tutorial Install PHP on Windows 7 with IIS 7 via FastCGI and that's it. You just have to repeat the steps that you have performed on Windows 7 in order to accomplish this task.

Depending on your location you can set a specific date.timezone value by setting the date.timezone property in php.ini file:
date.timezone = "US/Central"

Don't forget to uncomment the date.timezone by removing its preceding semicolon.

So that's it.
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