Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder, a screen capture tool

In this tutorial you will get knowledge about one of the best screen capture tool available in Windows 7. The name of this tool is Problem Steps Recorder, you can use it to create step-by-step recordings of any problems you have. This is the marvelous feature of Windows 7 which Quality Assurance team can use as a substitute of the Snagit Software, which is another famous tool for screen capturing. Open Start menu and type psr.exe in Search/Run. Here launches your Problems Step Recorder:
Problem Steps Recorder - Screen Capture Tool
Key Features and Functionality
  1. It records the details of the events even your mouse clicks i.e. left and right as well.
  2. You can add comments while recording.
  3. It automatically takes the screenshots while you are recording.
  4. It mentions the page links you have traversed.
  5. It gives the detailed summary of all the events at the end.
  6. It saves the output file in mht format which can be opened in IE.
  7. It’s so simple that you can use and learn it yourself.
Hopefully you will find this tutorial very informative.