Unable to work on visual studio after windows update installed, visual studio close automatically

Hay guys I faced a problem couple of days ago and then I thought it may come to you guys too so that’s why I am publishing this post. Basically when I installed windows 7 in my system and then installed visual studio 2012 in it. Everything was going smoothly and then interval came :) I installed the windows update and when I tried to open the project in visual studio then it was giving me nasty error and closed automatically.
It was very strange situation for me, I quickly came to a point that it happen due to installation of windows update, I goggled my problem and found solution. Solution is pretty simple, just have to install updates of Visual Studio 2012 which is Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (KB2781514). I went to this link and download the aforementioned visual studio update. Basically that updates contain patch which is patch_KB2781514.exe, you just have to run the exe and once patch successfully install then open the visual studio and do your work :) No need to restart the system.